When we first met in our early 20s, we weren’t the sportiest couple in the world. Our diet wasn’t very good, we went to the pub too often, and had too many late nights. It was fun then, but it certainly wasn’t very healthy.

Since we had our son seven years ago, our lifestyle changed dramatically for the better, and our relationship also has reaped the benefits of this. We’ve both taken an interest in exercise: Charlie is a keen runner, while I enjoy some yoga and aerobics/strength exercises (I recommend JessicaSmithTV – many of her videos are free on YouTube!). We also go swimming as a family when we have time.

We’ve thought of the ways more regular exercise and healthier eating has improved our relationship, and we’ve come up with the following list:

  1. We don’t get ill as often

Gone are the days when we all would be sick once or twice a month with the latest office/nursery bug – a real relief!

  1. We are less stressed after a day at work

Work can be stressful for both of us, but we’ve found that we feel a lot more balanced and calmer if we incorporate a 20 minute exercise slot two or three times in the working week, and all have a longer family walk at the weekend.

  1. It’s fun doing exercise together, e.g. yoga

We’re both fans of Tara Lee’s yoga DVDs, and have fun doing (or trying to do) yoga next to each other. My lack of balance never fails to amuse Charlie, while I find Charlie’s attempts to copy a JessicaSmithTV aerobic workout hilarious.

  1. We feel more energetic and ‘alive’

We certainly have more energy than we did a few years ago: that helps with pretty much every aspect of our relationship, especially romantic activities… 😉

  1. We don’t feel stressed about ageing

It’s true: we’re hitting middle age but we have a better body image now than we did 10 or 15 years ago.

So, no, we are not exercise fanatics and we do enjoy a good meal and having the odd glass of wine, but we’ve found that integrating a bit of exercise into our weekly routine really helps with our day-to-day lives and quality time together.

We recommend scheduling in some quality time/exercise slots into your weeks – and if you absolutely hate any form of exercise, just try going for a walk together to start with!

Enjoy your time together! x