‘Love is a Doing Word’: Our Top 50 Wishes

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Following on from the great responses to our ‘Give and Take Week’ last week, if you or your partner don’t quite know what to wish for in your relationship, our suggestions below might help. We’ll update our list frequently. If you have any good ideas, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch on Facebook or Twitter. 🙂

There are just two Couple Karma rules:

  • Always phrase your wish in a positive way
  • Don’t wish for things you know your partner dislikes

You and your partner might want to wish for….

  1. a board game or video game evening
  2. a call or text during the day, just so you know your partner is thinking about you
  3. a candlelit dinner
  4. a day without smartphones or social media
  5. a favourite home-cooked meal
  6. a movie night at home
  7. a footrub
  8. a free massage from your partner, including massage oil and candles
  9. a good morning kiss and hug (and/or a goodnight kiss and hug) every day
  10. a hand with the laundry, sorting out the kitchen, tidying up, doing the school run
  11. a home-made lunchbox
  12. a hot water bottle at night
  13. a household chore being done (e.g. tidying the dishwasher, taking out the rubbish, hoovering…)
  14. a lie-in
  15. a lottery ticket per week
  16. a love note in your book or your lunch box (or anywhere else unexpected)
  17. a nice bath (candles optional)
  18. a night out dancing
  19. a night out eating/drinking with your partner and/or friends
  20. a regular date night (or date lunch), at least once a month
  21. a romantic night in voucher (get creative – or google “love coupons” for inspiration and download them)
  22. a sexy card or dice game
  23. a sincere compliment each day
  24. a small DIY job being done in the house or garden
  25. a Spotify play list or ‘mix-tape’ with your favourite romantic songs
  26. a surprise gift each month (e.g. a book, some chocolates, flowers, love letter, massage…)
  27. a surprise mini break (doesn’t have to be expensive: try youth hostelling or a one-night stay in a B&B). If money is very tight, why not have a picnic at home instead?
  28. a surprise pick-up when you return by bus / train or plane
  29. an afternoon off if you have kids
  30. an item of clothing or knick-knack you’ve been meaning to get for a long time (don’t go for unrealistically expensive items though)
  31. an old-fashioned love letter
  32. breakfast in bed
  33. consideration (e.g. fewer eating noises if that’s something that annoys you…)
  34. holding hands more regularly
  35. little gestures, such as swapping places so your partner is walking kerbside
  36. looking into a new shared hobby (e.g. dancing, running, photography, writing, art, reading, listening to audio books, theatre, cinema, bowling, fishing, etc.)
  37. more ‘please’s and ‘thank you’s
  38. more hugs
  39. more kisses (including ones that last longer than 5 seconds)
  40. more laughter and smiles each day (e.g. by watching funny films, comedy shows, stand-up comedy)
  41. more physical contact
  42. sexy dressing up
  43. small gifts, e.g. a bunch of wildflowers, a love note, your favourite snack or chocolate bar
  44. the grocery shopping being done
  45. the interesting book/DVD you’ve been meaning to read or watch
  46. the porch light being left on when you come home late at night
  47. to be woken up with a cup of tea/coffee and a smile and kiss
  48. your car being filled up with petrol without asking
  49. your favourite home-made dessert or cake
  50. your favourite takeaway meal



Give And Take Week!

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Tomorrow is the start of our own ‘give and take’ week at Couple Karma (20th – 27th Feb 2017). We’ve done a bit of informal market research and we’ll disclose which small acts of kindness are most appreciated by your partner… (Surprisingly, not chocolates or flowers!)

Find out more on our Facebook and Twitter pages every day this week!



Why Relationship Apps?

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Our app, Couple Karma, is meant to help couples with their relationship, especially with the way they communicate. But the very idea of this kind of app sometimes raises eyebrows. After all, weren’t couples perfectly capable of communicating in the days before smartphones? What’s wrong with sitting down with your other half and having a face-to-face chat? Why do we need an app to do something that should just come naturally?

This is a line of thought we’ve sometimes heard when we’ve told people about Couple Karma, and at first glance it may sound reasonable. On deeper reflection, though, we think there are a few ways in which an app like ours can add value to a relationship. In future posts, we’ll look at some of them, but today we’ll focus on what we think is the main one.

The main reason is that it adds a bit of…fun. Suppose you fancy a nice evening with your partner, a romantic night in for example. Then why not spice things up by adding it as a special wish on Couple Karma? Describe to your partner how you envisage the evening – what you’d like to eat, what kind of film you’d like to see, and so forth. You can exchange as many ideas as you want via pictures and private messages on the app.

True, you could just plan a romantic night in without doing any of this. But wouldn’t it be more fun to heighten expectations ahead of the event, to add an extra bit of excitement? It’s worked for us, so why not give it a try and find out for yourself?


My Wish, Your Wish

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When a couple uses Couple Karma, the idea is that they exchange ‘wishes’ with each other.

How does that work?

Let’s take an example, one from close to home. Mrs Couple Karma likes flowers. She likes flowers a lot. And she particularly likes it when Mr Couple Karma gives them to her.

The only problem is that Mr CK doesn’t always remember to give Mrs CK flowers as often as she’d like. What to do? Couple Karma to the rescue!

Mrs CK opens up Couple Karma on her phone, and she clicks ‘add wish’. Every wish needs a title, so she writes ‘It always means a lot to me when you give me flowers xx :)’. (Mrs CK always follows the Big Unwritten Rule of Couple Karma: phrase your wishes in a positive, loving way!)

If she wants, Mrs CK can add some extra touches to her wish. For example, she might add a nice photo of some flowers. Or she might say more about what kinds of flowers she likes in the ‘description’ box.

When Mrs CK adds her wish, Mr CK gets a notification on his phone. Hopefully, he acts on this and goes to buy some flowers. When he does, Mrs CK can click the ‘heart’ emoji to show him that she appreciates the gesture.

What if Mr CK doesn’t get around to buying flowers, though? This is where the ‘nudge’ button comes in. Mrs CK clicks the nudge button, so Mr CK gets a new notification to remind him. He takes the hint and goes to buy his lovely wife some flowers. Hurray!

What about Mr. CK, though? All this talk of flower-buying, haven’t we forgotten about his wishes?

The great thing about Couple Karma is that both partners can have several wishes active at the same time. So while Mr CK is at the florist, Mrs CK might be booking a table at his favourite restaurant, if that’s what he’s added as one of his wishes.

So Mrs CK gets her flowers, Mr CK gets his romantic night at the restaurant, and all is well at Couple Karma HQ!




Our First Week

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We launched Couple Karma a week ago, and it’s certainly been a busy first week.

Our first few couples have signed up and are using the app. Thanks to all of you and we really hope you’re enjoying it! If you have any feedback for us, we’d be really interested to know so get in touch with us at support@couplekarma.com

We’ve had installations from countries around the world, including the U.S., U.K., Germany, Iran, and Turkey.

At Couple Karma H.Q., we’ve been busy making friends on social media. We’ve divided our efforts so far between Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; of those, our Twitter page has seen the most activity, so come and check us out there. Help us spread the word too on the other platforms! 🙂



New Year’s Resolutions

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Around this time of year, a lot of people find that their New Year’s Resolutions are starting to slip a bit.

Maybe you promised your partner that you’d eat more healthily, make more time for couple stuff, or help out around the house a bit more.

But we hit mid-January, and you start to find yourself slipping back to your 2016 ways…

Couple Karma can help with this.

The app makes it easier for you and your partner to keep track of your resolutions, and how you’re getting on with doing them.

Use Couple Karma to give your partner the extra encouragement they might need to stick to their resolutions, and help make 2017 a better year for your relationship.

Exciting Times!

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Exciting times, folks.

It’s been several months in development, but Couple Karma is now out and available to all on Google Play.

We’d be really keen to hear your thoughts, so do get in touch with us at support@couplekarma.com and let us know what you think.

Head over to Google Play and check it out!