Make your wishes come true with our new and improved app…

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Due to popular demand, we have launched an exciting new version of our give-and-take app (all free, of course)!

As well as the usual free-text wishes you can add for each other on Couple Karma, we now offer a choice of suggested wishes for different categories: romance, intimacy, household, fun and lifestyle. Have a look on the app and decide which wishes you like most. Haven’t downloaded the app yet? Hop over to Google Play and download it for free.

Lots of our users have already tried the new functionality, and we can reveal the top wishes chosen from our wish categories so far:

Category Top Wish
Romance Candlelit dinner
Intimacy Bath together
Household Grocery shopping
Fun Cinema
Lifestyle Exercise


Feeling inspired? Do let us know how you get on and if there are any additional wishes you’d like us to add.

Join our community at:

Happy wishing!

Charlie and Claudia

Join us for #LoveChallenge Week and new feature on our app!

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This coming week (3rd – 9th April) we’ll host our own #lovechallenge week on our Couple Karma Facebook and Twitter pages. We’d love you to join us and take the daily love challenge. It won’t take much time or money, but we guarantee that it’ll brighten up your partner’s (and your) week. 🙂

In other news, we’ve added a ‘Need Inspiration?’ button onto our Couple Karma app, which will guide you to our ’50 Top Wishes’ post. Hope this will help narrow down which wishes you’d like your partner to fulfil.

See you next week!


Our First Interview!

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Exciting times. We have just been interviewed about our app and the story behind it by the lovely Talented Ladies Club – please read the full interview here:

Please like and share. Thanks!
Claudia and Charlie

‘Love is a Doing Word’: Our Top 50 Wishes

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Following on from the great responses to our ‘Give and Take Week’ last week, if you or your partner don’t quite know what to wish for in your relationship, our suggestions below might help. We’ll update our list frequently. If you have any good ideas, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch on Facebook or Twitter. 🙂

There are just two Couple Karma rules:

  • Always phrase your wish in a positive way
  • Don’t wish for things you know your partner dislikes

You and your partner might want to wish for….

  1. a board game or video game evening
  2. a call or text during the day, just so you know your partner is thinking about you
  3. a candlelit dinner
  4. a day without smartphones or social media
  5. a favourite home-cooked meal
  6. a movie night at home
  7. a footrub
  8. a free massage from your partner, including massage oil and candles
  9. a good morning kiss and hug (and/or a goodnight kiss and hug) every day
  10. a hand with the laundry, sorting out the kitchen, tidying up, doing the school run
  11. a home-made lunchbox
  12. a hot water bottle at night
  13. a household chore being done (e.g. tidying the dishwasher, taking out the rubbish, hoovering…)
  14. a lie-in
  15. a lottery ticket per week
  16. a love note in your book or your lunch box (or anywhere else unexpected)
  17. a nice bath (candles optional)
  18. a night out dancing
  19. a night out eating/drinking with your partner and/or friends
  20. a regular date night (or date lunch), at least once a month
  21. a romantic night in voucher (get creative – or google “love coupons” for inspiration and download them)
  22. a sexy card or dice game
  23. a sincere compliment each day
  24. a small DIY job being done in the house or garden
  25. a Spotify play list or ‘mix-tape’ with your favourite romantic songs
  26. a surprise gift each month (e.g. a book, some chocolates, flowers, love letter, massage…)
  27. a surprise mini break (doesn’t have to be expensive: try youth hostelling or a one-night stay in a B&B). If money is very tight, why not have a picnic at home instead?
  28. a surprise pick-up when you return by bus / train or plane
  29. an afternoon off if you have kids
  30. an item of clothing or knick-knack you’ve been meaning to get for a long time (don’t go for unrealistically expensive items though)
  31. an old-fashioned love letter
  32. breakfast in bed
  33. consideration (e.g. fewer eating noises if that’s something that annoys you…)
  34. holding hands more regularly
  35. little gestures, such as swapping places so your partner is walking kerbside
  36. looking into a new shared hobby (e.g. dancing, running, photography, writing, art, reading, listening to audio books, theatre, cinema, bowling, fishing, etc.)
  37. more ‘please’s and ‘thank you’s
  38. more hugs
  39. more kisses (including ones that last longer than 5 seconds)
  40. more laughter and smiles each day (e.g. by watching funny films, comedy shows, stand-up comedy)
  41. more physical contact
  42. sexy dressing up
  43. small gifts, e.g. a bunch of wildflowers, a love note, your favourite snack or chocolate bar
  44. the grocery shopping being done
  45. the interesting book/DVD you’ve been meaning to read or watch
  46. the porch light being left on when you come home late at night
  47. to be woken up with a cup of tea/coffee and a smile and kiss
  48. your car being filled up with petrol without asking
  49. your favourite home-made dessert or cake
  50. your favourite takeaway meal



Give And Take Week!

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Tomorrow is the start of our own ‘give and take’ week at Couple Karma (20th – 27th Feb 2017). We’ve done a bit of informal market research and we’ll disclose which small acts of kindness are most appreciated by your partner… (Surprisingly, not chocolates or flowers!)

Find out more on our Facebook and Twitter pages every day this week!



Our First Week

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We launched Couple Karma a week ago, and it’s certainly been a busy first week.

Our first few couples have signed up and are using the app. Thanks to all of you and we really hope you’re enjoying it! If you have any feedback for us, we’d be really interested to know so get in touch with us at

We’ve had installations from countries around the world, including the U.S., U.K., Germany, Iran, and Turkey.

At Couple Karma H.Q., we’ve been busy making friends on social media. We’ve divided our efforts so far between Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; of those, our Twitter page has seen the most activity, so come and check us out there. Help us spread the word too on the other platforms! 🙂



Exciting Times!

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Exciting times, folks.

It’s been several months in development, but Couple Karma is now out and available to all on Google Play.

We’d be really keen to hear your thoughts, so do get in touch with us at and let us know what you think.

Head over to Google Play and check it out!